Sensitive Conversations at End of Life 23 - 24 March 2022

This is a two day interpersonal communication skills course at intermediate level which is aimed at qualified professionals who regularly contribute to the management of care for people approaching the end of life. It aims to equip them to listen to and sensitively explore needs and preferences regarding issues of care.

Recent government policy highlights the need for greater involvement of patients and families in end of life decision making and yet there is evidence that the workforce lacks confidence and skills. Through exploration of theoretical principles of interpersonal communication and advance care planning and practical workshops, the course will encourage participants to reflect on their own misconceptions, blocks and anxieties and to develop a strategy for future practice development.

Leadership and Management Course for Specialist Trainees and SAS Doctors in Palliative Medicine 2022

The management course for StRs and SAS doctors in palliative medicine has been running since 2003, and we have now trained over 430 doctors from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is currently the only comprehensive palliative medicine specific management course in the UK.