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Discord: Joining discord

Discord: Virtual communities of practice


Discord: What is discord and why we have chosen it




How do I add a new topic in a Discussion Forum?

  1. Click into the forum
  2. Click Add a new discussion topic
  3. Add a title and message
  4. If you wish to add an attachment to your discussion topic, click Advanced where you will be able to upload a file
  5. Once you are happy click Post to forum, you will have 30 minutes to make any edits before the forum post is available to other users

How do I add my personal profile?

A Personal Profile is different from your user Profile. Your Personal Profile is a brief overview about you and can be seen by all those in your group and/or course.

  1. Navigate to the Personal Profiles section on your course
  2. Click on Personal Profile
  3. Review the Example Profile
  4. Review the Profile Guidelines and copy the header/titles in this topic
  5. Click on Add a new discussion topic
  6. Paste the header/titles you copied in step 4 into this new discussion topic
  7. Add your responses
  8. Click Post to forum 

You will have up to 30 minutes before your Profile goes live and you can make any edits in this time.

How do I reply to a topic in a Forum?

  1. Click into the Discussion Topic
  2. You will see a link to reply at the bottom of the topic on the right hand side - click Reply
  3. Add your comments
  4. Click Submit or, if you wish to add an attachment, click Advanced
You can also reply to individual comments within a Discussion Topic.

How do I reset my password?

  1. On the Login screen, click 'Forgotten your username or password?'
  2. Enter your username (typically the first part of your email address before the @) or email address registered to the OLP
  3. You will receive an email with password reset instructions - please ensure you check your spam folder
  4. If you do not receive your email within 4 hours, please email

How do I submit an assignment (online text only)

This video demonstrates how to submit an assignment with online text only using the Assignment activity (video coming soon).

When an assignment submission  is open, click on to the assignment.  This may be called an Action Plan or have another name in some courses. 

You will see an Add submission button. Click the Add submission button and enter your content into the text editor window.

It is recommended that you write this in Word or another text editor and then copy and paste it into the text editor window, in case you have any internet connectivity issues.

When you click Save changes, it will take you through to the next step before the final submission. 

You will see that the submission status is Draft. While the submission status is set to Draft you can still make edits by clicking Edit submission. 

Before you submit your assignment, you can also preview the online text you are going to submit. Once you are ready to submit, click on Submit assignment. 

Please make sure you click Continue to confirm your submission. For some assignments you may also have a checkbox to state that this is all your own work. 

You will know you have correctly submitted an assignment because your submission status will show Submitted for grading and be highlighted in green. You will also receive an email notification (please check in your spam folder).



How do I submit an assignment? (Fellowship Programmes)

Until an assignment submission is open, you will only be able to preview the submission information.
When the assignment submission opens, the assignment will show it is in the Submission phase, which means you can upload your assignment.

  • Please provide your assignment submission with a title containing your name.
  • In the video example submission upload, you can only upload PDF files. When a Word file is uploaded, it is rejected. The assignment submission information will explain what file types are accepted.
  • In the video example you can upload a maximum number of 5 files with your submission. The assignment submission information will explain how many files you can upload.
  • If your file does not show up in the Attachment window instantly, either switch views from list to grid or click Save changes (you will be able to come back in to your assignment after saving).
  • When you have saved your submission, you can return to it to edit the submission or delete it up until the deadline.
  • When the assignment submission phase closes on the deadline, you will no longer be able to edit your assignment submission.
  • Your assignment may have an assessment phase where you are required to peer mark another participant. This will be covered in another screencast.

Accompanying screenshots

1. Assessment screen

2. Submission screen

  • If you cannot see your submission once uploaded, either switch views from list to grid or click 'save assignment'. 
  • Once saved you can return to your submission to edit it up until the deadline

How do I submit my team's choice for our presentation topic?

Topics for Team Presentations allows you to select the topic your team has chosen. Only one designated member of the team should do this.

Access the Topics for Team Presentations and make your selection. If a choice is marked as full and the checkbox is greyed out it means it has been chosen by another team. 

As teams can change their choice until the deadline, the choices that are marked as full may change.

Once you have made your choice, click Save my choice. You can change your choice anytime up until the deadline.

How do I update my profile or add a photograph?

  1. On any page in the OLP, click on your name in the top of the Online Learning Platform and select Profile from the dropdown menu
  2. Click Edit profile
  3. Update your details and upload a photograph
  4. Click Update profile


Where can I find the list of courses I am enrolled in?

Your courses are all available on your Dashboard.

You can find your Dashboard by clicking on your username and profile picture in the top right of the screen OR clicking on the Dashboard icon in the left navigation.

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